The Secrets to Fixing Neck and Shoulder Pain

(And How You Can Feel Like Yourself Again!)

This book will help you get your life back.  If you want to play with your children, work out at the gym, or go shopping with your friends without pain this book is for you.  Get rid of your neck and shoulder pain without needing medication, painful injections or surgery. 

Dr. Brian Wolfe, DPT, OCS

So What’s The Book About?

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Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. You will learn the causes of neck and shoulder pain and how they are diagnosed and treated.
  2. You will learn the best treatments you can utilize for neck and shoulder pain and when it is a good time to call a doctor. 
  3. You will learn a couple of great strengthening and stretching exercises for your neck and shoulder to help you get started on fixing your pain.
  4. You will learn how medications, injections and surgery may not be the answer to treating you neck and shoulder pain.
  5. You will learn how physical therapy can help you get back to working out in the gym again without pain!

About The Author

Dr. Brian Wolfe is an Orthopedic Certified Specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), a certified Clinical Instructor through the APTA, a member of the Connecticut Physical Therapy Association, American Physical Therapy Association and the Orthopedic Section of Physical Therapy.  

Dr. Wolfe graduated from Ithaca College with his Masters and Doctorate of Physical Therapy and specializes in sports medicine, orthopedic physical therapy, post-operative rehabilitation, Cross Fit injuries, return-to-work programs, industrial medicine and aquatic therapy.  

He has experience in outpatient, acute, sub-acute, home health and aquatic physical therapy and presented his Doctorate research presentation on hip and knee kinetics for patients who recently sustained a hip fracture.
Brian has lived and worked in Wilmington, North Carolina and currently resides and works in Fairfield County in Connecticut.

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